An Authentic Kolhapuri Jaggery

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Authentic Kolhapuri Jaggery Manufacturers in Kolhapur India

An Authentic Kolhapuri Jaggery

Cane Agro Jaggery

Cane Agro, Kolhapur, is a leading producer and supplier of jaggery and jaggery products. Our journey started in 2018, and in just a little over two years, we have become a brand known for its unparalleled product quality, professionalism and business standards. Led by our Owner/Founder, Ms. Soniya Padmini, Cane Agro has quickly garnered a wide customer base not just across India, but abroad as well.

We produce a rich array of high quality jaggery products including- jaggery blocks, powder, candies, liquid jaggery, and more.

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    Benefits Of Jaggery
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Benefits Of Jaggery

Benefits of Jaggery / Gud for Face

For Skin

Nourishes the skin

Treats Acne and Pimples

Benefits of Jaggery / Gud for Digestion

For Digestion

Prevents Digestive Disorders

Boosts Secretion of Digestive Enzymes

Regulates Bowel Movement

Boosts Intestinal Health

Benefits of Jaggery / Gud for Blood

For Blood

Purifies Blood

Prevents Blood Diseases and Disorders

Prevents Anemia

Treats Menstrual Problems

Detoxifies the body

Benefits of Jaggery / Gud
Benefits of Jaggery / Gud for Weight Loss

For Weight Loss

Boosts Body Metabolism

Reduces Retention Of Water

Important Benefits of Jaggery / Gud

Other Benefits

Boosts Immunity

Boosts Iron Absorption

Provides Instant Energy

Provides Antioxidant

Controls Blood Pressure

Controls Body Temperature

Helps with Urinary Problem

Treats Hiccups

Treats Cough & Cold

Prevents Respiratory Problem

Prevents Nervous System Problem

Prevents Asthma

Regulates Liver Function

Relives Joint Pain

Helps Anti-aging

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  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • ISO 22000: 2018
  • FSSAI No: 21518259002616
  • Member Of Khadi Gram Udyog
  • EDP Trained